Arts exploration seeks to use artistic inquiry to search out the nature of fine arts and its many uses - traditional and non-traditional.  In this very simple inquiry, a group of educators were challenged to create a "how to" video using a digital still camera with limited video capabilities.  We were required to do only an "in-camera" mix with no other editing.  (I have since done a few edits on the original footage to better prepare it for online display, but the integrity of the initial piece is still maintained.)  The group making this video decided to go away from the standard how-to format and use the opportunity to comment on the difficult reception we were receiving at the host school where our cohort was meeting.  The goal was to use the arts, in this case video, to address our previous difficulties in a light-hearted way.  The hope was that it would allow the cohort to move past the problems, to laugh at our difficulties, and move ahead as a unified group.  Sadly, we never quite had the nerve to show the video to the principal of the host school whose tirade over someone parking in her space (on a day the school was closed) inspired the piece.

Artistic Inquiry: How to Park in the Principal's Parking Space

Research: None.  Based on incidents that occured during meetings of an Education Specialist cohort.

Supporting Documents: Reflections on Power of the Image by R. Andrew Strickland (2008)

Central Metaphor: An infomercial.

Modality: Video recording.

Music: Gary Numan's "Cars"


How to Park in the Principal's Parking Space