REACH is the first artistic inquiry into my study of the transition many artists go through on their way to be becoming professional educators.  Unlike teachers in other subject areas, arts educators often come from the professional arts world with little or no training in education.  The transition to educator is often accomplished on the job with little guidance or direction.  As a fine arts chairman I am fascinated by this transition.  I went through it myself many years ago with a fairly typical mixture of success and failure.  I am eager to find techniques for mentoring professional artists to ease this transition and create powerful voices for arts in the classroom.

Artistic Inquiry: Reach

Completion Date: May 13, 2011

Research: Laurent Daloz's Mentor.

Supporting Documents: Lit Review by R. Andrew Strickland (2011)

Central Metaphor: A single line that connects representations of mentors and students.

Modality: 2-dimensional visual art.

Medium: Ink and watercolor on canvas

Dimensions: 11 x 9½ inches

Artist’s Statement: I am often drawn to the power of a single line to suggest interconnectivity.  More to come...

Art Piece: